How to Promote Telegram Channels

How to Promote Telegram Channels

As you know, these days, social networks in addition to being a tool for entertaining people, are one of the best channels that anyone or any business can use to earn money from Telegram. As you know, wherever there is more members, it’s the best place to advertise and market products and services. That’s why the Telegram messaging app, which has attracted so many people these days, is the best place to make money online, as well as the boom of Internet businesses.

In this article, I’m going to talk about that. How to get real and targeted members for your Telegram channel? Join me in this article to introduce you to 10 basic ways to increase Telegram channel members.

Why should our channel have real members?

Real members mean that there are subscribers on our channel who are really interested in the content of our channel and are always following us. It’s not a good idea to force someone to follow us! This is true everywhere. For example, in email marketing, sending emails to people who don’t know us is wrong and ineffective.

Using unprincipled methods to increase Telegram channel members is wrong, costly, and useless. In general, whatever it is, it has no effect on our success! From sites that use various methods to increase your site’s artificial traffic to Instagram owners who are looking for followers. The use of these methods has never worked well, and in many cases the benefits have not been at all, but have been associated with losses.

۱۰ basic ways to increase Telegram channel membership

  1. Identify your goal and create your channel

The first step in creating a telegram channel is to know what your goal is to create a channel. You should specify your purpose for launching the Telegram channel. Identify the topic you want to create content for on your channel.

It is very important that you do not change the subject of your channel after you have specified the goal and topic. For example, if the subject of your channel is health, you should not publish content on your channel about humor or politics! This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and they will leave your channel over time.

۲. Make Telegram channel profile creatively

It is important to use the proper icon and complete your channel description. Once you’ve identified your communications profile, try explaining the benefits to your user in the description or Bio section of your channel. It doesn’t matter if you are the first in your field of work, it is important to know what the difference is with your competitors and what benefits you have for your subscribers.

۳. Publish quality and attractive contents

Try to publish content that benefits your channel members. Entertainment channels usually produce content on any topic, and it doesn’t really matter what topics they post. But this is not the case with specialized channels! If your channel is dedicated to a specific area, you should try to publish useful and fully functional content for your users.

Infographics can strangely go hand in hand in Telegram. Making infographics is hard work, but try to make as many specific infographics as you can about the topic of your channel and share it.

۴. Get help from your subscribers in content production

Ask your members to generate content for you and put their production content in the channel with their full specifications. Of course, you have to do this according to the subject of your channel. For example, raise a specific issue and ask your users to comment on it. If you ask them to do this in the form of an audio file, it is much more attractive.

Don’t forget that your channel is specialized and there are subscribers who are interested in your field of work. So they can help you with that. After they have presented their methods, write a collection of the best methods and put them in your channel as a post.

۵. Dedicate your channel posts

The most important thing to do is to customize your channel posts. This will greatly increase your channel members. Rest assured that if your posts are private and engaging, they will be sent to other people by your users or shared with other groups.

۶. Join groups and super groups in the same field

Try to find and work with groups and super groups that are in your field. If possible, share your selected posts with them from time to time. If the group admins does not allow you to do so, try to establish a close relationship with them. For example, share some of their posts on your channel and ask them to allow you to work in a group instead.

You can also participate in discussions in the super groups related to your field of work and answer other users’ questions. Try to be professional and capable in your work. In the posts you make in the groups, try to introduce yourself and your channel imperceptibly. For example, if you answered a question, finally point out that you also have a channel in this field. Make sure you can refer many people to your channel.

۷. Link your Telegram channel to other social networks

Put your Telegram channel address on every social network you work for. For example, it is very good to put the address of your Telegram channel on your Instagram bio page. Or, for example, in your Youtube channel, in addition to the website address, put your Telegram channel address in the social media section. In general, try to include the address of your Telegram channel on any site you have a profile on.

۸. Introduce your channel in the Telegram channel directories

There are a number of sites that can be used as a directory for telegram channels to increase Telegram channel members. These sites categorize Telegram channels on different topics on their site by categorizing their topics. Some of them may also register your channel address for a fee, but they usually receive a small fee. For example, 100$ and forever!

۹. Create Challenge and give a prize

One of the best ways to increase your Telegram channel members is to run a challenge. You must have seen the competitions left in Telegram so far. Some time ago, a competition called “The best children’s photo” was held in Telegram and it attracted the attention of many friends.

It doesn’t matter what your channel is. Suppose you are a channel manager with a guitar maker. All you have to do is ask your channel users to play a piece and send it to you. Each piece that gets the most likes wins.

۱۰. Invite your Website visitors to Telegram channel

There are many ways to get your site visitors to your Telegram channel. One of these ways is to invite users of your site to content that is only published on your Telegram channel. In general, everything that is not on your site and only on your Telegram channel and the user is forced to come to your Telegram channel to see that content. You can also invite your site users to subscribe to your Telegram channel via email.

You can also invite visitors and members of your site to your Telegram channel in all posts on your site. For example, you can design a banner like the one below and place all of your site’s posts in the ad below.

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