Saffron flower precious

Saffron flower is the most precious crop plant on earth and the only plant that its measuring module is gram instead of tons and kilograms, it is a special and unique plant that Its especial features caused the technology of Its production to be complicated. Its worth and price gave it the name of red gold. Since the past, people used it for Its beautiful color and Its redolence with a specific taste in different kinds of dishes and foods. Nowadays, people tend to use natural additives in foods rather than chemical ones. Saffron is used as a natural food color and a medicinal plant that helps to reduce bilirubin levels in the blood and It is also anti-cancer. Saffron’s sprout is one of the important parts of this plant which contains fatty substances, salts, and Mucilage. The petals of the Saffron flower can be used to produce natural color containing anthocyanins and the leaves are also used as feed-stuff for the flocks.

Negin Saffron harvesting company

Harvesting Saffron starts from 7th October. Farmers snip Saffron flowers before the sunrise to keep them away from losing their quality and aroma. After snipping these purple Saffron flowers, they pick up those 3 red filamentary stigmas and 3 yellow stamens which stand at the center of the flower and put them in a place away from moisture and direct sunshine. Persia has the largest production of Saffron in the world and it owns 90 percent of Its production in the world. The biggest purchaser countries for Persian Saffron are the Arab Emirates and Spain. Moreover, Italy, America, India, France, Swedish, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Britain, and Switzerland were the major buyers of Persian Saffron last year. Negin Saffron company produces Saffron with the best quality from South Khorasan and Razavi provinces and other towns as well.

where to buy sargol Saffron

Buy Sargol Saffron and enjoy experiencing the best taste. By microbial study, the antibacterial susceptibility of saffron’s aqueous extract and specific compounds isolated from saffron by HPLC is investigated using three microbial strains of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, and Aeruginosa by agar diffusion method. The results have shown that the aqueous extract of saffron had no inhibitory effect on these microorganisms and among its specific compounds, safranal inhibits the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Saffron has a bitter and spicy taste. The main compound that makes this taste like that, is picrocrocin.

Saffron and other spices

The spices including saffron usually have intensive contamination with microorganisms. As you know, consumers of these products; especially food industry owners who use spice as one of the components of the food products are struggling with a lot of contaminating problems. Since the whole saffron plant is grown and harvested on the soil surface, so the soil and fertilizers are the main sources of contamination. In case of without paying attention to technical and health issues during the preparation operations, its microbial load increases in a massive way. The major microbial flora found in most spices includes aerobic sporogenous bacteria (especially Bacillus and molds) and sometimes other microbes are exposed in it. we have to care much about these kinds of issues and make it not happen. Saffron flower is a susceptible plant that needs accurate maintenance that is possible with the companies mentioned in this context, that’s why these companies are always successful in distributing the best Saffron with high quality and also sanitary. Some illegal marketers produce fake Saffron or use the parts which are not edible; like stamens, so you have to be careful where to trust and buy Saffron from. Buy Sargol Saffron and put all these concerns away. The Saffron our company offers is reliable and hygienically produced with considering all standards possible.

Original Persian Saffron specification

Original Persian Saffron is the best Saffron in the world that is offered by the Exportex company. The characteristics of color, flavor, and aroma are the important features of Saffron. Thermal processes reduce these kinds of characteristics, so different methods like sterilizations and cold methods seem more suitable in this case, including methods like; ionizing radiations, microwave radiation, ultraviolet waves, and fumigation. packing Saffron and its maintenance is very important because it may cause it spoiled or lose the quality. These companies do care about the main factors which help the quality of Saffron reside, like; Packaging materials used for Saffron, measuring the product humidity compared with the air outside, the temperature of the environment that Saffron is kept, keeping it away from the sunlight and Oxygen. You can buy Sargol Saffron for your daily use. The use of the Saffron flower has become quite common in technology and industry. Different food factories use it for producing different kinds of sausages and margarine, butter, cheese and other manufactural products. Some factories benefit from the Saffron flower in producing different kinds of cake powder and deserts, it is also used in some kind of wines and edible color additives in some drinks, jelly, Ice cream, Chocolate, Candy, Cookies and Toasted flour, Vanilla, Cakes, colorful foods, milk products, and cheese.

Details of Kashmiri Saffron

Best quality Kashmiri Saffron is beneficial for health. Here are some benefits of Saffron: Saffron helps the natural digestion of food. It’s a kind of ataraxic that reduces pain and is used to cure gingiva pain. It is an anti-tumor and free radial collector (anti-cancer feature) due to existing chemical compounds like carotenoids and crocin and crocetin. Using original Persian Saffron makes you feel happier, It will treat neurological pain, it is used for relaxation and as a medicine for insomnia treatment, plus, it can improve your memory. By best quality Kashmiri Saffron you can have your focus increased. Saffron flower is anticonvulsant and is used as an antidepressant, antispasmodic, prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It helps the reduction of cholesterol, it is known as a treatment of iron deficiency anemia in girls, reducing heart disease, atherosclerosis, and increases heart health (due to the existence of Vitamins, Riboflavin, and Minerals). Treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, colds, coughs. It increases blood flow in the retina, treatment of oval yellow spot (located near the center of the retina) disorders during the aging time and it is also the treatment of Rheumatism by external use.

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