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Golkhan is one of the best Babylon games in puzzle style as well as casual. In this bubble game, by throwing colored bubbles or shooting colored balls towards these bubbles, in addition to experiencing a classic game, you will also experience the most exciting and addictive ball game. This bubble breaker game falls into the category of match 3 games. During this game, you will get an experience close to bubble witch 3 saga. The casual style of this game, in addition to whether you are experiencing a new bubble breaker or stage bubble breaker, gives you the same good bubble shooter feeling to experience this addictive game with a sense of adventure, classic, fascinating and puzzle. Of course, Gol Khan is a game of throwing a ball or popping a plastic bubble that can keep you entertained for hours. You can play Golkhan game both offline and online and have hours of fun with this Babylon. This compact bubble shooter game is a summer and puzzle game, and it feels good bubble mania along with a good bubble story for you
Enjoy the best fun and bubble-breaking stage game with shooting bubbles!
Integrate the bubbles in this interesting mode and by thinking about the new game, shoot a hard step towards the bubbles in the most correct way towards the bubbles and experience the classic game in shooting colored balls with thousands of stages and Take on the fun level of shooting puzzles and get even more challenging in this addictive game than the bubble game. Enjoy the new bubble game experience on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want. In this scary game, you do not need internet for bubble game.
In this hard and addictive bubble breaker of Golkhan, you can have a new bubble breaker game in the style of bubble game with the same feeling of bubble games along with the good sense of the classic game. Play free small boy games for boys! And play ball at every stage

The good feeling of shooting bubbles is always attractive to you and by bursting the bubbles you go to the next stage.
Puzzle games are games in which you complete a picture by placing balls or various objects. This free bubble breaker called Gol Khan game is also in the same category of puzzle games or so-called match 3.
Babylon shooters fall into the category of adult and children’s games, and of course this new game is both a boy’s game and a girl’s game. In this Babylon, we invite you to a small bubble shooter game.
In this puzzle game, you go to the battle of Golshifteh and defeat the giant of the game by shooting bubbles at Golshifteh.
Bubbles are waiting for you to finish this new bubble breaker with your help. The game is full of plastic bubbles, riddles and thrills.

A new stage is added to this bubble pop every two weeks.
Good features of this step bubble breaker:
– Babylon Shooter 2021
– Hard bubble breaker
– Exciting girly and exciting brain teasers
– Free bubble breaker with over 350 steps
– New hard bubble game
Bursting any bubbles is full of excitement
– Adult fun
– Babylon, a game for adults with a variety of features for each ball
– Bubble shooter and puzzle games and shooter game style
– New bubble breaker and adventure
– Free and fun offline games
– Shoot the colored bubbles and play giants
– Selected the best Iranian game from the point of view of the judges
– Improve strategic and relaxing skills for users
– Giving a sense of nostalgia game along with the new design

In this fun free game shoot and explode all the colored bubbles, aim carefully and hit the bubbles! Follow your way through all the different challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teaser and get the full score of the puzzle and adventure game in this bubble game by shooting jabs and enjoy the new ball game of a difficult stage everywhere.
Play the colored ball throwing step by step.
Bubble Game Aim, match and burst all the bubbles in this relaxing bubble shooting adventure waiting for you. This is a new bubble and fun adult game with colored bubble throwing stage.

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